Why do I need Rxeed

Rxeed the only "Electronic Marketplace" for prescriptions. Like Amazon.com is for many other products, Rxeed is a secure, Internet website that allows patients to make better decisions when purchasing medications. Rxeed provides the information patients and prescribers ( Independent Pharmacies and Wholesalers) need to choose the best value drugs; then gets bids from pharmacies that want to win new prescription business. It is a virtual community bringing together patients, independent pharmacies and drug wholesalers.

Rxeed is designed to drive down healthcare costs and foster small business through its competitive bidding platform. As a consumer, most often times your copay is higher than the price of your medications. For independent pharmacies, you can say goodbye to the frustration of negative reimbursement from insurance companies.

Pharmacies: register with Rxeed and participate as one of Rxeed most trusted independent pharmacy in your local state.Complete an application form. You are a short time away from participating in the transparent, electronic marketplace for prescriptions that expands your business reach to win new customers