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    Firoz Vora

    15 May, 2020

  • We Love Rxeed. With Rxeed we were able to find partial bottles for certain medications and Brands at much cheaper price than our primary to fulfill patient specific needs. We are so grateful for the help Rxeed marketplace provide us in order to stay in business. Indeed with Rxeed you will Succeed!

    Douglas W.

    18 April, 2020

  • Rxeed has become a great source for us to find medications much cheaper than primary vendor. Rxeed has been truly a life saver for our pharmacy. Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

    John P.

    04 December, 2019

  • We use Rxeed at our independent pharmacy and it's great. We definitely clear out a lot of inventory that you wouldn't be able to return otherwise. Rxeed.com is very easy to use.

    kathy W.

    23 July, 2019

  • I paid almost $100.00 more for a prescription at the CVS Pharmacy than I would have bidding through Rxeed.com. I paid $179.50 after running my insurance card through. The price on Rxeed.com was just $79.68. Thank you Rxeed.com

    Samuel O.

    26 June, 2019

  • Rxeed is the best Pharmacy Marketplace for your prescription needs! Pharmacy that won the bid provided me with excellent customer service and answered all my questions. No coupons to print or surprises when it comes to the price.I was not disappointed at all. Highly recommend!

    Susan J.

    25 December, 2018

  • What an amazing pharmacy Marketplace! I needed a prescription for my stomach ulcer. I have a high deductible under my insurance plan. Rxeed was there to save the day and my wallet. Saved me over $98.00. Thank you Rxeed !!

    Ron F.

    24 November, 2018

  • Rxeed has saved us lots of money. It helps our pharmacy stay in business and primary wholesaler honest about their prices.

    Kam L.

    10 November, 2018

  • I paid half as much as what other pharmacies wanted from me for the same generic medication. Rxeed.com truly saved me $$$. I love the fact that independent pharmacies fight for my business.

    Vincent J.

    20 September, 2018