How Rxeed Works opens up an entirely new world of comparison drug shopping. is leading this change, allowing patients to receive the lowest possible pricing on the medications they need most through a market system of electronic, transparent competition. Rxeed is a virtual community consisting of patients, independent pharmacies and drug wholesalers on one platform uniquely designed to benefit all.

For patients:
  • is accessible from any computer or mobile device with access to the Internet, any time, 24 x 7 x 365.
  • lets you choose how much you pay for prescription drugs by letting multiple pharmacies bid their lowest price for your medication and required services.
  • lets you get transparent competition from both retail and mail order pharmacies, at the same time. Competition lowers prices and improves services and quality; it's good for both retail and mail order pharmacy.
  • has a locate feature that locates who stocks the medication you need.
  • offers CMR- Comprehensive Medication Review, A thorough consult regarding all patients medications that benefits drug adherence and compliance, coverage of drug interactions or possible drug duplication to name a few areas of concern.
  • features "Contact a Compounding Pharmacy". Hard to make and hard to find compounded medications are no longer a cause of frustration for you. Simply input your compound information and will search for a compounding pharmacy to fill your compound.
For Independent Pharmacies:
  • Search Pharmacies' inventories of overstock and short dates.
  • Search Wholesalers' inventories.
  • Inquire within fellow independent pharmacy regarding drug availability due to shortage or backorder.
For Drug Wholesalers:
  • Lowest commission fee of 2.5% on any seller platform.
  • Upload daily special which will be distributed to local licensed independent pharmacies within the state of business.