What exactly is Rxeed?

Rxeed is a proprietary, web-based, confidential system that brings healthcare providers, drug wholesalers and independent pharmacies together in an open, competitive marketplace for prescription drugs.

Do I have to register to use Rxeed?

Yes, private entities (B2B) must create their own secure and confidential account. Click on "Register" to begin. Then proceed to set up an account. click on "Register" and complete the registration process. We require you to provide some contact information and review and agree to all boxes indicated . Thereafter, each time you go back to Rxeed.com, enter your user ID and a password and click "Sign In."

Can other users access my information?

Without your permission, no one else can access your Rxeed.com information. That's the reason Rxeed requires a unique user ID and password for each member. Your information is confidential and secure.

What if I forget my user name and/or password?

If you forget your password, proceed to the Rxeed "Login" page. There you will see a link for "Lost Password". Simply click on the link and follow the instructions on the screen. If you forgot your User ID, please send an email to Info@Rxeed.com requesting assistance.

What is your Privacy Policy?

When you register on Rxeed, our privacy policy is shown. Review it, click on "Accept" and proceed to complete your registration. You can access our privacy policy at any time. Go to www.rxeed.com scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link "Privacy Policy."

(Pharmacy to Pharmacy) Why do Rx drugs prices vary?

Rxeed is not the Seller; you are buying/selling overstocked Rx drug(s) from other licensed pharmacies. Individual sellers decide the sale price(s). Factors such as expiration date, in stock availability, and package condition may determine pricing. Rxeed marketplace permits you to see all available Rx drug(s) at once, putting you in control and easily finds the Rx drug(s) you want, in the quantity you need, at the best reduced price.

(Pharmacy to Pharmacy) Are purchases made on Rxeed.com considered wholesale transactions?

Purchases made on Rxeed.com by authorized suppliers are produced for a specific patient need or classified as a public health emergency according to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and not classified as a wholesale transaction for stock replenishment. Any indication to VAWD (Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor) by a third party is not considered a wholesale transaction.

(Pharmacy to Pharmacy) What are my payment options for buying/selling prescription drugs on Rxeed?

Fees: (Pharmacy-Pharmacy) Buyer will choose FedEx shipping option and accept the charges upon confirmation from the Seller (Including FedEx fees and administrative fee $0.50 per order). As soon as the Seller confirms your order, you will receive an email from Rxeed.com or you can view under “manage order” (Buy Orders/Sell Orders). Sellers will be charged 8% processing fee and $2.50 per transaction handling fee to their ACH account on file. Once you receive your order, immediately confirm your order was received on Rxeed.com. All shipped orders will be marked by Rxeed.com as “received” after the 2nd business day of delivery confirmation by FedEx tracking if not done so by the Buyer, and funds will be transferred to the seller. Rxeed.com does not require a minimum number of prescription drugs to be listed by the Seller. There will be a charge of $0.50 for initial ACH account set up and anytime modified.