What does Rxeed mean? What is a Bid request?

What does Rxeed mean? What is a Bid? "bids" or "auctions" with prescriptions (Rx is an abbreviation for prescription). Rxeed provides an electronic marketplace for obtaining information and competition on drugs, services, and prices from pharmaceutical wholesalers – and getting competitive bids on prescriptions and services from pharmacies. Rxeed includes neighborhood (retail) pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and others. The Rxeed secure website links customers with information they need to make more informed choices and creates competition among providers (pharmacies) so better prices and services are available. Rxeed is an open, competitive, and transparent marketplace for prescription drugs and much more.

What exactly is Rxeed?

Rxeed is a proprietary, web-based, confidential system that brings consumers, drug wholesalers and independent pharmacies together in an open, competitive marketplace for prescription drugs. By using Rxeed, independent pharmacies compete for the privilege of filling prescriptions for local consumers.

How does Rxeed work?

Rxeed uses the power of the Internet to create a competitive and transparent marketplace for prescriptions. Rxeed combines three levels of head-to-head competition to get consumers and independent pharmacies the best value for their money. Rxeed provides access to pharmacies that compete for the privilege to fill prescriptions and provide valuable services required by consumers. Rxeed lowers the cost of prescription drugs by providing an open, competitive, and transparent marketplace. Rxeed connects Consumers-Independent Pharmacies-Wholesalers all in one platform.

Do I have to register to use Rxeed?

Yes, everyone must create their own secure and confidential account. Click on "Register" to begin. Then proceed to set up a personal account. click on "Register" and complete the registration process. We require you to provide some contact information and review and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, but that's all. You can use Rxeed immediately to start an auction for your prescription needs. Thereafter, each time you go back to Rxeed.com, enter your user ID and a password and click "Sign In."

Can other users access my information?

Without your permission, no one else can access your Rxeed.com information. That's the reason Rxeed requires a unique user ID and password for each customer. Your information is confidential and secure. You can extend a special invitation to your prescriber, another health professional, or other advocate so they can assist you with the Rxeed auction process, but that's up to you.

What if I can't read my prescription?

If you can't read your Rx, call your prescriber's office and get help. It's very important that your prescription is written so you can read it. Even your pharmacist sometimes struggles with illegible writing. Whenever you get a prescription, ask for it to be printed so you can read it. Even better, ask your prescriber to start the Rxeed auction for you. Then, when savings are available from similar, lower cost drugs, you and your prescriber can discuss the alternatives.

Alternatively, you can ask your pharmacist for help reading the prescription or starting the Rxeed auction for you. Other health care personnel like nurses or physician assistants can help, also.

How do I start an auction for my prescription?

Using Rxeed is easy. Log on with your unique user ID and password and click on " Request Bid " . Enter the drug (product) name in the search box or click on a drug from the list and strength desired. Then enter the quantity, directions or duration in the required fields. All pharmacies in your service area, including mail order pharmacies, bid for your prescription & services.

What does the pharmacy need to fill my prescription?

If you don't have a written prescription from your prescriber, you can have your prescriber fax, telephone or use electronic prescribing to get your prescription to the pharmacy. If the same prescription was filled previously for you at another pharmacy, ask your new pharmacy to call the pharmacy that filled your previous prescription and get a legal copy of that prescription. If allowed by law, a legal copy of the prescription from your previous pharmacy may be all the new pharmacy needs to fill your prescription. Sometimes, a pharmacist will be required to call your prescriber to get approval to fill your prescription. Since laws vary from state to state and drug to drug, rely on your pharmacist to help you learn what you need for your specific drugs. If you resolve these issues with your pharmacy by phone or email in advance of your visit, your prescription may be ready for you when you stop in or mailed in.

If I need a refill, how do I start a new auction?

For a refill, you should always conduct an auction for each prescription you get, even for a refill. Thereby, you are informed about best prices and services from competing pharmacies and you can take advantage of coupons and new drugs from competing manufacturers. Use Rxeed to get the information and competition you need to make better purchasing decisions, every time.

What do the different parts of my prescription mean?

Every prescription is made up of several parts: Patient Name & Address, Drug Name, Dosage Form and Strength, Quantity, Directions, Allowed Refills, Substitution Restrictions, Prescriber's Name, Address, Phone Number & Signature. Rxeed guides you through the parts of your prescription so a complete prescription can be submitted for auction. These steps may seem daunting for your first prescription, but will be easily accomplished in a short time. Don't forget to call your prescriber's office or your pharmacy for help, too, especially if your prescriber hasn't written clearly. It's your prescription and you need to understand what it says.

Do I have to provide Credit Card information or any other personal information when I register or when I start an auction?

You do not have to provide any Credit Card information in order to register or start an auction on the Rxeed website. However, some personal contact information like address, phone number, and email, are required. You will be required to pay a $2 service fee if you accept a winning Bid. Upon accepting a bid, users will receive an email valid for 7 days with the winning bid price and the selling pharmacy's information to finalize the prescription filling process. You may choose to give your credit card to the pharmacy that won the bid for a quick and easy check out or delivery.

What if I forget my user name and/or password?

If you forget your password, proceed to the Rxeed "Login" page. There you will see a link for "Lost Password". Simply click on the link and follow the instructions on the screen. If you forgot your User ID, please send an email to consumersupport@Rxeed.com requesting assistance.

What is your Privacy Policy?

When you register on Rxeed, our privacy policy is shown. Review it, click on "Accept" and proceed to complete your registration. You can access our privacy policy at any time. Go to www.rxeed.com scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link "Privacy Policy."

Who has access to the information that I enter online?

Without your permission, no one can access your Rxeed information. That's the reason for a unique user ID and password for each customer. Your information is confidential and secure. Even during the auction process, bidding pharmacies do not have access to any personal information about you. They have access to the drug information contained on the prescription you submit for purposes of completing a bid for you, but they don't know anything about you, not even your name. For example, pharmacies see the drug name, strength, and quantity because this information is required to bid on your prescription. They do not see your name, address, or billing information. Once you accept a winning bid with a specific pharmacy, email confirmation is created for you and the pharmacy. At that time, the pharmacy is provided with your personal identification and contact information in addition to the prescription you ordered. This is provided so the pharmacy can properly and accurately fill your prescription and provide the services you require. You can invite others (prescribers, pharmacists, family, friends, etc.) to help you start the Rxeed auction process, but that's up to you. Also, if you print your list of completed drug auctions from the Rxeed system and show the list to your prescribers and pharmacists, they can better identify and resolve potential drug conflicts and interactions.

What if I don't have a computer? Can I still use Rxeed for my medications?

Since Rxeed is strictly a web-based prescription marketplace for prescriptions, a computer or mobile device with access to the web is required to participate. A trusted family member or friend may be willing to assist you. You can also ask your prescriber or pharmacist to conduct the auction process on your behalf. This will require that you "invite" them to be your assistant so they can use the Rxeed system on your behalf.

How do I know if I will be getting a generic alternative?

You and your prescriber will decide if a generic alternative is appropriate for you. Independent Pharmacies affiliated with Rxeed will always fill prescriptions with a generic medications with whatever generic manufacture they have on hand. Rxeed can't ensure that consumers get preference of certain generic manufacture over another.

How will I know if this generic is safe and as effective?

You and your prescriber will decide if a generic alternative is appropriate for you. Generally speaking, generics are subject to the same rigorous testing as their brand name counterparts and offer the same therapeutic effect at a lower price. More detailed questions and/or concerns should be directed to your prescriber or pharmacist.

What if I need a "specialty" medication such as an injectable?

Specialty medications include, but are not limited to, expensive injectable products such as those drugs used to treat arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and hepatitis. Often, but not always, these drugs are dispensed by "Specialty Pharmacies" that are uniquely equipped to handle the specialized storage, distribution, and patient support required to assure maximum therapeutic effect and safety. If you have a prescription for one of these drugs, simply enter it as you would any other drug; only those pharmacies that sell your specialty drug will compete for the privilege to provide these medications to you through Rxeed.

Can I get bids on prescriptions for controlled substances through Rxeed? Are these handled any differently?

Prescriptions for controlled substances may be available through Rxeed. Enter the prescription as usual. When participating pharmacies are able to dispense controlled substances through the Rxeed system, you will get bids on those drugs. State laws vary regarding the dispensing and handling of controlled substances. For example, in most states, Schedule II medications, the most tightly controlled drugs, require a written prescription to be presented to the pharmacy prior to dispensing, and electronic transmission may not be allowed (email, fax, etc.). Your prescriber and pharmacist know these rules in your state, so check with them if you have any questions. Once you award the bid to a particular pharmacy, simply bring the prescription with you along with your reservation form provided by Rxeed. If the pharmacy is in a different state, you may wish to send an email to the pharmacy and inquire about special requirements.

Will I be able to get refills for my controlled substance prescriptions?

State laws vary regarding the dispensing and handling of these prescriptions. For most states, refills of Schedule II medications , the most tightly controlled drugs, are not allowed, whereas limited refills are generally allowed for Schedule III through V medications.

How long does the bidding process take?

Regular session is 24 hours, and urgent is 4 hours.

What if I need the prescription right away, e.g. asthma drugs, heart medicine, or antibiotics?

If you can't wait very long for your prescription medication, click on urgent. You need a legal prescription before the pharmacy can complete the process.

Can I bid on multiple prescriptions at the same time?

Yes, but each auction is an individual event on the Rxeed system. So, enter each drug as directed and start the auction. Before selecting the pharmacy to fill that prescription, enter each other drug one at a time and start each auction. It's your choice, but remember to give your entire prescription record to each pharmacy so they can do a thorough review for potential drug interactions or conflicts. When you invite the pharmacy to be your assistant you give them access to your prescription records for review, advice and counseling.

Can I bid on prescriptions for family members (husband, wife, children, and pet)?

You can bid for another family member as long as you have been invited by that person to access their unique and private Rxeed site. It is important that you protect each member's User ID and Password so unauthorized individuals do not have access to personal health information.

Does it matter if I choose a different pharmacy for each prescription I bid on?

You can choose a different pharmacy for each prescription if you choose. Many people choose one pharmacy that provides consistent, convenient service and competitive bids. Because of competition for your prescriptions through Rxeed.com, it's very likely that lower prices and better services will be offered. With Rxeed, you choose which pharmacy fills your prescription(s). Regardless of your decision, it is very important that your prescriber(s) and pharmacist(s) know all the medications you are currently taking in order to avoid potentially harmful drug interactions and drug conflicts. Access to a record of all your prescriptions is critical for pharmacists and physicians to best care for you, but it is your choice to use one or more pharmacies to fill your Rxs.

What if I decide not to accept any of the bids/Locate options I receive from Rxeed?

You are under no obligation. System will terminate the auction. Only when you confirm that you want to proceed with services then you will be charged $2 service fee. Independent pharmacies may contact you and ask if you need assistance. Ultimately, you are in control of your purchasing decisions.

What if another pharmacy is less expensive for a refill? How do I get the refill filled?

Go through the auction process like any prescription. Present your email confirmation to the new winning pharmacy, as you would normally do for a new prescription. Ask the pharmacist at the new pharmacy to initiate a transfer of your prescription from the pharmacy that filled the prescription last time. State laws vary regarding the transfer of prescriptions, and in some states or for certain drugs, the pharmacist may be required to contact your prescriber for approval to fill your medication. Pharmacists know the laws in your state, so rely on them for this information. It may be helpful to contact your pharmacist by phone or email prior to visiting the pharmacy, so your prescription is ready when you arrive.

What do I do when there are no more refills authorized for my prescription?

You can contact the pharmacist to place a call to your prescriber and get a new prescription for you.

What if I have questions about my medication?

Rxeed offers direct links to an independent. In addition, you can ask your pharmacist or prescriber to answer any questions about your medications. When your prescriber orders a medication for you, ask for information. Also, when you pick up your prescription at the pharmacy ask questions at that time. If using a mail-service pharmacy, you can usually reach a pharmacist by calling that pharmacy's customer service phone line or via email.

What if I have a reaction or experience side effects from my medication?

Contact your prescriber or pharmacist immediately if you are experiencing any unusual reaction or unpleasant side effects from your medication. Some side effects can be relatively mild and disappear over time, but others can be much more serious and require you to stop taking the medication. Only your prescriber or pharmacist can help you understand the nature of your particular reaction or side effect and provide direction for the best course of action.

What options do I have for getting the prescription to my pharmacy? Can I fax or mail the prescription to my local or mail service pharmacy?

You can present a written, original copy of the prescription directly to your pharmacy, or you can mail it to your pharmacy. State laws vary regarding electronic delivery of prescription information. Most states now allow a facsimile (e.g. fax) copy as a legally acceptable prescription, but it depends on the type of drug. For example, some controlled substances may still require a hand-written prescription by your prescriber. Your prescriber and pharmacist know the laws in your state, so rely on them to provide you with a legally acceptable format for your prescriptions.

Can I get my medicine delivered to my home?

Yes! You can. The pharmacy that won the Bid can mail or ship your prescription to your home. The pharmacy will need to be provided with a hard copy of the prescription if needed or ability to verify legitimacy of prescription (e.g Called doctor or transfer from other pharmacies,...)

What other special services do pharmacies offer?

Many pharmacies offer additional services beyond just filling your prescription. These may include convenience services such as customer convenience (24-hour service, home delivery, and drive-up windows), drug therapy counseling, disease screening, disease management, compliance packaging, and long-term care packaging. Some of these services are free of charge while others may carry a fee. Either way, you choose those services that are important to you.

How do I pay for the medication?

If using an independent pharmacy, you will generally pay for the prescription when you pick it up. If using a mail service you will generally be asked to provide credit card information or send a check in the mail. Your reservation on Rxeed.com ( Valid for 7 days from date of bidding session completes) shows exactly what payment is required by you excluding delivery or shipping fee if required by independent pharmacies.

You are responsible for total payment for the drug as shown on Rxeed.com when you complete auction and delivery charges if applies.

Will I have to pay for other services such as pharmacist counseling?

Many pharmacies offer additional services beyond just filling your prescription. Some of these services are free of charge while others may cost money.

What does the Locate medication option mean?

This feature is only available on the Rxeed platform and nowhere else to facilitate the ability for consumers with a few clicks to find out if independent pharmacies stock hard to find medication in stock instead of spending endless hours on the phone to figure out who has it. A $2 service charge will apply in order to view results of pharmacies who have it in stock. Rxeed can't ensure which manufacturer pharmacies have in stock . Locate option is valid for 24 hours upon payment of service fee $2 to view all pharmacies responded to your inquiry.

What does Contact a compounding Pharmacy means?

Rxeed allow consumers to fill out a description of compounded medication/Formula desired/Doctor name and phone number and will connect the consumer with a licensed compounding pharmacy in their local state who can facilitate the process for processing their compounded prescription. If the consumer get no feedback from Rxeed or a compounding pharmacy affiliated with Rxeed within 72 hours, it means Rxeed was not able to match the consumer request with a compounding pharmacy.

What is CMR?

The comprehensive medication review (CMR) offers much more than the traditional brown-bag review. Pharmacists go beyond review of medication purposes and side effects, and creation of a personal medication list (PML) for the patient. CMRs also assess issues such as adherence, appropriateness of therapy, and opportunities for cost savings, and along with a medication list provide a medication action plan (MAP), detailing the steps to optimized medication therapy. The focus is no longer on just the bag of medications, but on the care of the patient as a whole.

While there is no strict formula, a complete CMR includes:
  • Collection of demographic information , to check appropriateness of therapy and dosing.
  • Identification of Drug duplications.
  • Identification and resolution of adverse drug effects.
  • Identification of opportunities to lower medication costs.
  • Discussion of any adherence issues
  • Our Pharmacy consultants will Collaborate with the patient to create a medication action plan
  • Rxeed fee to conduct CMR is $20 for each CMR submitted.

(Pharmacy to Pharmacy) Why do Pharmacies sell to each other?

  • Pharmacists with customers that have relocated.
  • Pharmacists with customers who no longer need that specific prescription.
  • Pharmacists who have an overstock of prescription drugs.

Sellers are licensed independent pharmacists who want to reduce waste and prefer their prescription drugs end up in other independent pharmacists and their patients.

(Pharmacy to Pharmacy) Why do Rx drugs prices vary?

Rxeed is not the Seller; you are buying/selling overstocked Rx drug(s) from other licensed pharmacies. Individual sellers decide the sale price(s). Factors such as expiration date, in stock availability, and package condition may determine pricing. Rxeed marketplace permits you to see all available Rx drug(s) at once, putting you in control and easily finds the Rx drug(s) you want, in the quantity you need, at the best reduced price.

(Pharmacy to Pharmacy) Are purchases made on Rxeed.com considered wholesale transactions?

Purchases made on Rxeed.com by authorized suppliers are produced for a specific patient need or classified as a public health emergency according to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and not classified as a wholesale transaction for stock replenishment. Any indication to VAWD (Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor) by a third party is not considered a wholesale transaction.

(Pharmacy to Pharmacy) What are my payment options for buying/selling prescription drugs on Rxeed?

Fees: (Pharmacy-Pharmacy) Buyer will choose FedEx shipping option and accept the charges upon confirmation from the Seller (Including FedEx fees and administrative fee $0.50 per order). As soon as the Seller confirms your order, you will receive an email from Rxeed.com or you can view under “manage order” (Buy Orders/Sell Orders). Sellers will be charged 5% processing fee and $2.50 per transaction handling fee to their ACH account on file. Once you receive your order, immediately confirm your order was received on Rxeed.com. All shipped orders will be marked by Rxeed.com as “received” after the 2nd business day of delivery confirmation by FedEx tracking if not done so by the Buyer, and funds will be transferred to the seller. Rxeed.com does not require a minimum number of prescription drugs to be listed by the Seller. There will be a charge of $0.50 for initial ACH account set up and anytime modified.

Why should every drug wholesaler in the US sell the pharmaceutical drugs on Rxeed platform?

Rxeed charges the drug wholesalers/Distributors $0 to host their inventory, Allows them to upload their daily specials which will be emailed daily to all independent pharmacies on Rxeed platform and much more.

Rxeed only charges 2.5% commission fee for all transaction takes place on its platform, the lowest offered by any platform. Rxeed goal is to get all 24,000 plus independent pharmacies on it platform, which will provide a great exposure for wholesalers.

What is Compounding?

In every field of medicine, there are some patients who don't respond to traditional methods of treatment. Sometimes they need medicine at strengths that are not manufactured by drug companies, or perhaps they simply need a different method of ingesting a medication.

Pharmacy compounding meets these needs. It provides a way for physicians and compounding pharmacists to customize an individualized prescription for the specific need of their patient. Compounding provides solutions which are not met by commercial products.