What exactly is Rxeed?

Rxeed is a proprietary, web-based, confidential system that brings healthcare providers, drug wholesalers, and independent pharmacies together in an open, competitive marketplace for prescription drugs.

What are the membership costs?

Being a member is completely free. There is a standard $0.50 charge to link your ACH account. Once your ACH is linked, you have complete access to the pharmacy and wholesale marketplaces as well as our suite of compliance features.

If everything is free, how does Rxeed make money?

We charge pharmacy-to-pharmacy sellers a small commission when they make a sale.

What is the registration process?

Sign up online using the registration form. Once we receive your information, we will reach out via email within 48 hours to get copies of some important documents. This is how we keep our marketplace secure and ensure that all members are licensed entities.

How do I register multiple pharmacies that I own?

Each pharmacy is considered a separate entity. Please fill out a separate registration form for each location.

How secure is Rxeed?

We take security seriously. Your information is safe with us and will never be shared. We validate all new members before they get access to our marketplace.

Who pays for shipping?

Premium sellers pay for 50% of ground shipping costs and 100% of overnight shipping. The buyer pays for shipping on purchases from other sellers.

What is a premium seller?

Premium sellers pay a higher commission rate in exchange for their products being shown at the top of the search results. Premium sellers also pay for 50-100% of shipping costs.

Why do Rx prices vary on the pharmacy marketplace?

Rxeed is not the Seller; you are buying/selling overstocked Rx drug(s) from other licensed pharmacies. Individual sellers decide the sale price. Factors such as expiration date, in stock availability, and package condition may determine pricing. The Rxeed marketplace enables you to see all available Rx drugs at once, putting you in control to easily find the products you want, in the quantity you need, at the best price.

Are purchases made on Rxeed.com considered wholesale transactions?

Transactions between licensed pharmacies that are for medications for a specific patient need or classified as a public health emergency according to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act are not classified as wholesale transactions for stock replenishment.

How do pharmacy-to-pharmacy transactions work?

The buyer will choose a FedEx shipping option and accept the charges upon confirmation from the Seller (including FedEx and administrative fees). As soon as the Seller confirms the order, both parties will receive an email from Rxeed.com. You can view all orders under the “Manage Orders” tab (Buy Orders/Sell Orders). Sellers will be charged 8% processing fee and $2.50 per transaction handling fee to their ACH account on file.

Once the buyer receives the order, they must immediately confirm receipt on Rxeed.com. All shipped orders will be marked by Rxeed.com as “received” after the 2nd business day of delivery confirmation by FedEx tracking if not done so by the buyer, and funds will be transferred to the seller. Rxeed.com does not require a minimum number of prescription drugs to be listed by the Seller. There will be a charge of $0.50 for initial ACH account set up and anytime modified.