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Welcome New Pharmacies!

Rxeed allows pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and approved entities by the state board of pharmacy to buy prescription drugs at substantial discount. While better managing inventory, users save money while enjoying the ease of online shopping.

Rxeed is an electronic based platform for independent pharmacies to buy and sell small quantities of non-controlled, non-expired overstocked prescription drugs and drugs in short supply, to satisfy a specific patient need or declared public health emergency. Rxeed also allows independent pharmacies to search drug wholesalers' inventories as well as inquiring within fellow independent pharmacy regarding drug availability due to shortage or back order.

Buyer will choose FedEx shipping option and accept the charges upon confirmation from the Seller (Including FedEx fees and administrative fees per order that can't be disputed by either the seller or the buyer). As soon as the Seller confirms your order, you will receive an email from Rxeed.com or you can view it under “manage order” (Buy Orders/Sell Orders). Sellers will be charged a 8% processing fee and $2.50 per transaction handling fee to their ACH account on file (Premium sellers will be charged 12.5% instead of 8.5%). Once you receive your order, immediately confirm your order was received on Rxeed.com. All shipped orders will be marked by Rxeed.com as “received” after the 2nd business day of delivery confirmation by FedEx tracking if not done so by the Buyer, and funds will be transferred to the seller. Rxeed.com does not require a minimum number of prescription drugs to be listed by the Seller. There will be a charge of $0.50 for initial ACH account set up and anytime modified.

Rxeed now offers a new free feature called Compliance. This feature is a game changer. (Temp Log, Daily Log, OIG, FWA, HIPAA ...)

We're secure.. Rxeed secures your information as it is transmitted over the Internet and we verify all pharmacies and wholesalers are properly licensed to conduct business in their state. This ensures you are getting safe, top quality pharmaceuticals at fantastic prices.

There are no fees for pharmacies to join Rxeed!

Hospitals, Clinics and LTCF

Loan/Borrow situations present unique challenges for DSCSA Compliance. Our Marketplace helps
Hospitals, clinics and LTCF through:

  1. Implement processes and procedures to trace products to the lot-level.
  2. Serialization and tracing applicable at the package-level.
  3. Create T3 (Data on transaction information, transaction history and a transaction statement) documents that will be electronically available immediately at any given moment *See terms and Conditions Fees apply.