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Rxeed lets Healthcare providers, Clinics, Physicians and approved entities by state board in their state to buy prescription drugs at substantial discount For Office Use. Enjoy easy online shopping while saving money and better managing inventory.

Rxeed is an electronic based platform to buy small quantities of non-controlled, non-expired prescription drugs to satisfy Office Use Needs

We're secure.. Rxeed secures your information as it is transmitted over the Internet and we verify all Wholesaler Pharmacies are properly licensed to conduct business in their state. This ensures you are getting safe, top quality pharmaceuticals at fantastic prices.

There are no fees for you to join Rxeed!

Rxeed can help your practice with:

  1. Drug purchase history and reporting.
  2. Convenient online drug ordering.
  3. Enjoy streamlined pharmaceutical products and supply receiving.
  4. Reduce drug spend.
  5. Improve purchasing along with compliance.
  6. Drug Ordering simplified.